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CREA is a venture studio providing development, marketing & capital support to entrepreneurs looking for a co-founder ecosystem.

Removing the roadblocks from entrepreneurship

One of the major obstacles that stop entrepreneurs with great ideas from moving forward is the lack of a co-founder. Very few entrepreneurs are equipped to start companies on their own so we partner with you, hands-on, as your co-founder team.

There are people with information that can build the right things and there are people with the skills to build the things. Both of these skillsets are needed to create a successful start-up.


Who YOU are

You have a deep understanding of the problem. You have dug deeply into an area and have something innovative on how you could transform your domain of expertise.


Who We are

We have a deep understanding of how to make ideas tangible and the pathways to scale. We are a team that has the ability to turn big ideas into real-world services and products.


How we work

The premise is simple: you want to turn your idea into a company.

You, the entrepreneur, approach us with your idea. If we think we’re the right partner to help you build it, we present our technical and go-to-market strategies.

If you’re aligned with the vision, our team, our framework and our methodology, we pair-up to become co-founders.

We surround you with top expertise required to build a market-leading company.


With a community of experts supporting one another, we help you get to where you need your start-up to be. We work alongside the brand and marketing talents from Montreal-based marketing specialist agency Benjamin David Group and the innovative, technological team at Hesper.


Ben is a mentor to a number of startups, and is constantly seeking out new business opportunities, partnerships and strategic investments. Ben was a member of the founding team of Luxury Retreats where he built, led and managed an all-star marketing team that helped catalyze the business’s growth prior to its acquisition by AirBnb.

Maxime Laberge is the Managing Partner & IT Director at Hesper. Max was part of the tech team that helped Tuango transform into one of the biggest coupon platforms in Quebec. He has over a decade of web and CRM development experience and is a Certified Salesforce Cloud Consultant.

Phil Bagdasarian is the Cofounder and Director of Operations at Hesper. Phil has a successful track record of building 7-figure startups and over a decade of web development experience. He is also responsible for leading Packwire, an idea incubated by Hesper.

Caren is the managing partner of BDG, the marketing consultancy reference for companies that are looking for fast profitable growth. As a coach, mentor, speaker and active member of a number of marketing and Startup related associations within Montreal, Caren has been involved in the acceleration and growth of funded startups and established brands, leading ambitious digital visions.


Make Something Happen.

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